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Cecil (Gravion)
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Bio: cecil is one of the maids in Sandman's castle. She tends to work with Brigita and Annya the two other maids around her age. I think the three of them are more assistants than anything. Anyway Cecil herself seems to be rather shy. She looks like she's about to cry a lot. Almost as if something really bad happened before. But that's just a guess. Although she does show other emotions. I don't know much more about her. While she is used for plot purposes not much is revealed about her. Hopefully season 2 will change things.

Opinion: I'm not sure. You could say I found her the cutest of the three kids. Also the fact she seems so shy and sad makes me wonder why. So I tend to think about her more and... Too bad she is mostly a supporting character. Which weakens what development she could have. But then as a more major character she could have been over done. So she may be best the way she is. A cute kid you feel sorry for.