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Silvia (Rikujo Bouei-tai Mao chan)
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Bio: Silvia(Silvie) Maruyama is a member of the sea defense force in "Earthdefender Maochan". Like Misora and Mao, she does it due to her grandfather's wishes. She lacks the ability to swim and is kind of lazy about things. However she is a very good aim and she is intelligent despite the way the show may seem in some scenes. However she is out of so often that this may not matter in the end.

Opinion: I like her because she's connected to water just like I am. So that gives her points in my book. Another aspect I like about her is how she is intelligent and sneaky, but the way she presents herself makes people think she is stupid when she is not. Or maybe she is trying to make people think she is smart when she is not. Either way she is the type of person who can leave you wondering whether or not she is a genius or an idiot. Either way I like this aspect about her.