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Shia (Pitaten)
Shia's Section

Bio: In Pitaten, Shia is an apprentice demon. She came to earth to study in order to become a successful demon. The only problem is she tends to be oblivious to everything. She considers it not nice to do bad things and she acts like well an angel around people. It is almost as if she isn't even meant to be a demon. I have my suspicions about her, but until the series is concluded and I see the final episode I can't say for sure.

Opinion: What I like about her is how sweet she is despite being a demon. I'm a fan of cute girls, but I'm also a fan of people who go against the norm. Now I don't mean completely against it, but just enough to spark interest. And the idea of an angelic demon is what makes me like Shia partially. Her voice also helps. Soft and easy to listen to.