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Precis (Star Ocean EX)
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Bio: Precis is a character in Star Ocean the Second Story who also appears in Star Ocean EX. In SO EX she is introduced when Rena and Claude arrive in Linga. She is friends with Eleanor and has a crush on Claude. She is also unaware of Ashton's existence. Either that or she is so obsessed with Claude she has trouble noticing anything else at all in the world. Precis is an inventor. Considering the world she lives in her inventions could be considered highly advanced.

Opinion: What I like about her is her cuteness and hyper personality. I also like how she relies on inventions. I'm a sucker for the idea of people creating their help. It's a lot more fun to see Precis take out an invention and use it defeat an enemy than see some buffed idiot whack someone with his destined power.