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Sasami (Tenchi Series)
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Bio: Sasami is the younger sister of Aeka and a princess of Jurain in several of the Tenchi series such as Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Universe. In general Sasami is mature for her age and likes to cause mischief. She is also a good cook and into playing. In the Pretty Sammy series, Sasami is the main character. She fights against evil villains as the magical girl "Pretty Sammy."

Opinion:I like Sasami because she is cute and sweet. Also despite being childlike there is a lot more to her. Especially in the OVA. She manages to be mature for her age. While still being cute. Her hair style is one of my favorites as well. Plus her character lead to Pretty Sammy. So I have to credit her for that. After all Pretty Sammy the tv series aka Magical Project S is one of my favorite animes.