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Shielle (Tokyo Underground)
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Bio: Shielle Messiah is one of the elemental users of Tokyo Underground. Shielle's element is lightning. Shielle uses a ribbon in her hair to help control her power. Either she is still not experienced enough to control it well without the ribbon. Or she is too young to control it well. She's tough and determined, but she does have a heart. So her toughness doesn't make her heartless.

Opinion: I like the fact she wears a ribbon for one thing. Plus I can give her the nickname "Thunder Girl". This helps me remember her partially. As well as the other T.U. characters. Besides Thunder Girl is fun to say. Shielle is very strong and determined. So she isn't a damsel waiting to be rescued. She's willing to fight for what she feels is right. I also like how she develops through out the series. At first I thought she would be one of the annoying idiots who just brag and run. A brat child. However she starts to show a different side. In the end she becomes a well rounded character. Kind yet tough.