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This website was created for a simple reason. I wanted to dedicate a site to my favorite anime character and to have a site in general. Problem is I have too many favorite characters. They range from older ones like Sasami (Tenchi Muyo) to more recent like Ruri (Nadesico).

Also I had trouble deciding what this site should be about. So it is now dedicated to my favorite anime characters. Thus allowing me to talk about the anime people I like and not be restricted by series.

My space here is also limited. And many of my favorite characters already have several images at other sites. These characters will have their sections listed under "Honary Favorites" and will just be limited to no more than ten images max. That way they still get honored without taking up too much space. The Mao-chan section will become an honored characters section. Meaning most of the images will be removed. However I'll let it be clear what site you can to go for more images. The character who will have practially all their images here for now. Such as Ruri will just be listed under "Featured Favorites." Now then I will get to work on this.

The screencaptures were taken by me. If you must take any pics here for your website then please just upload them to your own server. In others words do not hotlink.
I screencaptured from DVDs and Fansubs. So without the dvd companies and fansubs, I would not have these pics at all.