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Ajora's Mini Anime Character Shrines Top
My other sites

Tear Rainbow
A fan site for Final Fantasy Unlimited
Angel Tail Shrine
A site dedicated to the twelve angels from Tenshi no Shippo
Asagiri No Miko
A site for the anime Asagiri No Miko.
Avatar Page
This site contains my avatars that I use at message boards. Not including ones donated to other sites through.
Magical Project S Magical Girls
A shrine dedicated to the magical girls of MPS. Mainly Pixy Misa herself through.

Tenchi Series Sites
Aeka Sites

This is demon891's Aeka site. It is a nice site over all. Please visit.

This is the Aeka Fanclub I'm a member of.
It's a fun place to be and I like being on the message board there.
I'm HolyAjora there if you must know.