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Ajora's Mini Anime Character Shrines
07/17/04: I took down the images of Yotsuba and Rinrin from Sister Princess and replaced them with Sister Princess Repure images. They lost a few, but gained many images in the end. Besides as for the images taken from the original series, I hope to get DVD versions of those said images. 07/14/04: I added a section for Tama of Bottle Fairy and Shidsuka (Shizuka) of Asagiri no Miko. 07/09/04: I removed the frame pages. I also removed Love Hina from the site. As well as Yomi and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. Since I realized I was only including them just because they were part of Azumanga Daioh. It's not that I don't like them, but they're not favorites for this site. I also cleaned out a link of unneeded links to make the site cleaner. And yes I still plan some day to add Yumeria to this site. And I should definitely have more room for them now. 03/26/04: I removed Narue of Narue no Sekai's section. I plan to add Yumeria related sections later. At least of Kuyo, Nate and Neneko. Whether they be featured or honored is undecided. 01/30/04: I added a section for Cecil of Gravion. And yes I did reduce Riru's image size. No real choice. 01/27/04: I've added Riru of Gravion as a featured favorite. I plan to add Cecil perhaps later. And yes from the same series. And as you may notice Riru's images have not been reduced in size. Let's just say I feel guilty to do that to her and I must like her a lot. 01/22/04: I've added sections for Hororo and Kururu. I've also started a thing where characters who have images at other sites will only have about "ten" max here and be considered "honored favorites". Mao, Misora and Sylvia of Maochan have become honored favorites. Chika and Seiko of Asagiri no Miko have added as honored favorites.
01/20/04: I've removed the future characters thing. No point to it anyway and just gives false hope. I'm also running out of room and may consider taking a second look at who deserves to be here. For now Chiriri of Bottle Fairy has been added to the list of favorites. So she has her own section in the end.
01/17/04: I've started a Bottle Fairy section with Sarara getting the first section. Which is only fairy because she is my favorite of the four. I've also changed it so newer updates are on top. I think that makes more sense anyway. And yes I changed the image on this page.
05/28/03: I've started a Narue no Sekai section with sections for Narue and Kanaka. But it's mainly just started with images for now. Which will be altered sooner or later.
05/03/03: All large images have been reduced to 384 width in order to increase the number of characters and images. Let's just say the four megs or so I saved was used to add a Nayuki (Kanon) section. I'm hoping to add another section soon.
01/15/2003: A cosmetic update. I decided to make it clearer who the characters on the site are. For example the character list is no longer just a list of names. It now shows a picture of each character. Correct that. I have added a new section. The section is for Ayu of Kanon. Yes winged backpack girl gets a section.
12/29/2002: I've fixed Misha's pictures as some were the wrong size. I fixed Ruri and Yurika's sections to get the correct links. I've also added a section for Mutsumi (Love Hina) and Ryoko (Nadesico)
01/02/2003: I've replaced the pictures for Misora, Mao, and Silvia of Rikujo Bouei-tai Mao chan with larger images. Each of them also has way more images than before.
12/21/2002: As one may have guessed the updates have been continuing. Shia's section now has more images. While Misha and Koboshi of Pitaten now have sections. Expect another update soon.
12/20/2002: I've added a section for Yurika of Nadesico.
12/19/2002: I've updated the frames and none frames version. They now share most of the same pages to save space. A section for Motoko of Love Hina was added.
11/26/2002: I've made it so all thumbnails are now 96 width no matter what. I've also changed the frames version so each character section is easier to read. The none_frames version is now designed to be easier to navigate. I thought the open in new window thing was over done so I changed it.
11/20/2002: I've added sections for Shinobu and Kaolla of Love Hina as I feel they deserve to be in the shrine.
10/25/2002: Mao, Silvia and Misora of the series "Earth Defender Mao Chan" now have more pictures in each of their sections.
10/21/2002: I added more sections for more characters over the course of a month.I've also added a none-frames page for those who have trouble with frames.
9/26/2002: I opened the site with a section for Shia of Pitaten.