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Shidsuka (Shizuka) (Asagiri no Miko)
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Bio: Shizuka comes from class one and is one of the new mikos to join the Miko council. She is part of a rich family as seen by her house. However she is well mannered and dignified. She is also very kind and calm. In others words she does not fall under the "Rich are evil" view some have. She doesn't seem to be deeply connected to any specific miko in the miko council. This is because she is the new girl. The other miko council members have known each other for awhile. Okay Izumi is new too. But then again Izumi does seem to have a strong liking for Chika. Either way despite being the new girl, Shizuka seems to handle it rather well.

Opinion: She's very polite. And she has to be the most attractive of the mikos in Asagiri no Miko. Plus it's nice to have a polite rich person. Sometimes it is good to kill a cliche sometimes. The only thing I wish is they gave her more focus sometimes. Ah well.